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Conrad Jestmore

Author of the

Jimmy O'Reilly murder

mystery series:

River of Murder

(now available)

 Fields of Death 

(coming in Nov. 2012)

photo by Cherri Jestmore 

FOODIE EXCERPT: It was late and I hadn't eaten, so it needed to be something quick and simple. In ten minutes I had the pasta ready, al dente, tossed it in my best olive oil, added chopped tomatoes and black olives and crumbled feta over the top to melt into it. I grabbed a little basil from the terrace herbs, did a chiffonade, sprinkled it over the top and settled in with a glass of red. Wouldn't you know it, the only thing open was a bottle of Brunello left over from a previous dinner party. Damn. Sometimes you just have to make do.

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Jimmy O'Reilly, ex-cop and failed P.I., returns to his small Kansas hometown on the Arkansas River to find peace, but instead finds a family friend murdered. Only problem, no one believes it is murder. As a reluctant investigator, O'Reilly stumbles on an international drug scheme, and in the process, has to face his demons from the past. A trail of murders up and down the river leads O'Reilly back to the big city and its violent underworld of crime. It also brings into question his ability not only to find the truth, but to come to terms with his wife's death and at the same time protect an innocent teenager from the danger.

"...a fast and fun read...with twists and turns." Gordon Kessler, author of Brainstorm

"...a spine-tingling adventure." Bonnie Eaton, author of Out of Control

"...lots of action." Hazel Hart, author of The Night Before Christmas"

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December 2011: The New Forum Theater

Book signings at performances of A Christmas Carol: A Spirited New Musical


January 14: Kansas Authors Club

Presentation on the collaborative process with Paul Jackson and Kathryn Page

March 16,17: Kansas Writers Association

Book signings at The Scene Conference, Wichita, KS

October 5-7: Kansas Authors Club State Convention

Book signings. Salina, KS 

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